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Entrepreneur Brings Yemenite-Israeli Cooking to Silicon Valley

Hi, I’m Doreet, and I’m the owner of The Ma’lawah Bar. I specialize in the artisan breads brought to Israel by the Jews of Yemen during the early 20th century.


For the first time, I’m opening up my kitchen to YOU, and I am so excited to share my family’s homemade breads from Yemenite recipes that have been passed down through the generations!



Ma’lawah (מלאווח) is a flaky flatbread that takes only a minute or two in a hot frying pan to transform into puffy layers of doughy finger-licking goodness! Slather it in savory Middle Eastern favorites like freshly grated tomato, hard-boiled egg and even the spicy add-in, schug, or keep it sweet and simple with cinnamon and brown sugar, or honey! Either way, it’s perfection in a pan!
Jachun (ג’חנון) is a slow-cooked bread, ideal for a weekend brunch or any time. It’s made from homemade pastry dough, layered with butter or oil, rolled and slowly baked overnight. It transforms into
a golden brown and lightly sweetened meal that will keep you satisfied for hours! Serve it alongside a slow-cooked hard-boiled egg, freshly grated tomato and spicy schug for an especially authentic culinary experience.
Kubaneh (קובנה) is a traditional Yemenite pull-apart yeast bread. It is prepared baked and ingredients include flour, sugar, salt, and margarine. Hard-boiled eggs can be offered alongside served grated tomatoes and spicy schug.
Schug (סחוג) is a spicy hot sauce made from  green hot peppers seasoned with, garlic, chili, cilantro, cumin, salt and various spices. We recommend a spoonful or two on everything! This spicy sauce will make any dish explode with flavor and color. 
Hilbeh (חילבה) is a fenugreek dip that is spicy and a touch bitter. It is traditionally eaten with Yemenite soup or as a dip with Lachuch. It’s made from fenugreek seeds and is known in Yemen to be medicinal and extremely healthy. 
Basbousa (בסבוסה) is a traditional Middle Eastern semolina cake drenched in syrup and topped with flaked coconut. It's light and fluffy and delicious to end with any meal or to have with tea or coffee.
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Growing up in New York in a Yemenite-Israeli family, some of my most joyous moments involved eating with family and friends. Our meals, allowed for us to share in our common culture though food.


These delicious breads have been beloved by all Israelis, and now, for the first time, are available homemade for all to enjoy right here!


From the first bite, you will taste the flavor, texture and consistency that I’ve spent years perfecting. Even better, I’ve modernized the recipes to make them work for our busy lifestyles and offer them in ready-to-cook or bake packages.


The Ma’lawah Bar is my tribute to my heritage, and I’m more than delighted to share them with you. Biting into either of these mouth-watering creations will not disappoint. I guarantee it.

Homemade Goodness In Your Hands

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